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Yikes!!! It looks like this site could really need your help.

So what the heck is going on here?

RutherfordHistory.com went live Dec 1st 2008 with the intention of being the central website for Rutherford history. It was created by Local Historian and Historic Preservationist Bill Neumann in conjunction with the release of his book Rutherford: A Brief History. After completing the book, Neumann saw the continued need to establish a content rich internet site for the discussion on history and historic preservation in his home town.

RutherfordHistory.com is a newborn website that is just starting to crawl but is already looking towards a slot on the RHS Spring Track Team. But it needs a lot of coaching.

RutherfordHistory.com is for the total townie who still has an old chicken coop in their backyard and ex-R'fordians living in Paris who wish they were still here.

So what can you expect in the future?

Expect to find solid history that enlightens and involves you! Expect more unique photographs, maps, illustrations, artifacts and documents that fill in the pieces to the history puzzle of your town. Expect research and reflection on the history of your neighborhood and your home, Expect to find advice on how to discover, document and preserve the history of your house and your family.


Expect to find others who will share Rutherford’s beautiful history with you.

So what can we expect from you?

Well first off... we hope to see and hear from you a lot! But we want to hear your stories, comments and questions. So far there is no FAQ (frequently asked questions) because you haven't asked them yet. So let's get to work and see what we can find out already!