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The heart of this site will be you! We need to hear about the history of your family, your home, your neighborhood and your Rutherford experience. RuterfordHistory.com will contain forums and areas of display that you can contribute to.

We are in the process of designing the full site and would like to ask if you would consider emailing contributions to it. No we are not asking for $$$. We are seeking written memories, documents, photographs and all types of historic artifacts to present on the site. And we are not asking for physical possession of your artifacts but more interested in sharing your historic contributions by careful reproduction, reference, catalog and display.

Would you like to help?

Member Information

When we get advice on member interests we will let you know here. History is being made every day and we want to tell you who is making it.


Rutherford: A Brief History is now on sale at local retailers including Goffins, West End Pharmacy, Brothers Hardware, Barnes & Noble and online through Amazon.com and Powells. If you are interested in having your copy signed and personalized please contact Bill Neumann at fotogbill@aol.com

Upcomming Events

We are here to keep you informed about upcoming events. Here are some great opportunities for you to discover Rutherford, Bergen County, New Jersey and United States history and ways to preserve it

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.